• Anchor & Star: Wild West
      Spring 2018
      Wild West is a short form game designed for the new recruit to Vietnam style airsoft. This event will include everything from a longer style event, with a relaxed ruleset and equipment requirements.

  • Anchor & Star: Tet '68, The Battle Of Hue
      Spring 2018
      Tet '68 is a 12 hour operation begining with the Tet Offensive of 1968, and culminating in a battle for the control of the ancient city of Hue.

  • Anchor & Star: Indian Country
      Summer 2018
      Indian Country is the flagship Anchor & Star Airsoft event. Indian Country takes place in the I Corps region of the Republic of South Vietnam in the summer of 1968. Fire Support Base Betsy is located between a moving PAVN army and the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.