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The Scene
Indian Country is the flagship Anchor & Star Airsoft event. Indian Country takes place in the I Corps region of the Republic of South Vietnam in the summer of 1968. Fire Support Base Betsy is located between a moving PAVN army and the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Indian Country offers a level of immersion and realism not often seen in airsoft events. The sights, sounds and smells will transport the participants back to the summer of '68.

About Doc Lap
The village of Doc Lap has existed in Quang Nam Province since 1819. Generations of farmers have worked the land to provide for their families and to make a meager living selling their wares. The primary source of income has historically been agriculture. Rice crops are usually good and the village has an abundant supply of livestock. Over the years, residents have resorted to other means of generating income. Every month the men and boys travel into the nearby hills to cut firewood. The split logs are then sold to Phuoc Ia at a small profit. The practice of logging has become more dangerous due to the presence of US and NVA forces in the area.

Black market trading has become more common over the years to help supplement income in times of bad harvests. Stolen or recovered goods from either side of the conflict are sold back to the soldiers missing the items. Elderly women of the village have attempted to sell their services as seamstresses and cleaning staff to the local US firebase, with varying results.

Makeshift shops have sprung up around Doc Lap selling goods ranging from personal grooming items to ARVN issue rucksacks and US uniforms. US MPs often patrol Doc Lap looking for stolen goods or signs that the NVA are attempting to purchase USGI and ARVN equipment to impersonate friendly personnel.

Conflict In The Region
The people of Doc Lap are not strangers to a difficult life during war. The village defended itself during the first Indochina War, successfully repelling the French. The Viet Minh did not have a great need for the farmers of Doc Lap against the French, so they were not brought under the control of Vo Nguyen Giap and Ho Chi Minh.

Doc Lap is situated near fertile farmlands, fresh water and a newly opened supply route in use by the NVA's 5th Division. The village Chief does not want to become directly involved in what the people are calling "The American War", and only wishes to preserve his peoples' way of life. Neighboring chiefs call him a fool and predict he will fold under the weight of the Viet Cong or die trying to resist.

The neighboring village of Phuoc Ia has been historically linked with the Viet Minh and is suspected of harboring Viet Cong and NVA troops. The people of Doc Lap are being pressured by the Phuoc Ia village elders to do the same.

NVA officers and senior Cadre make regular visits to Doc Lap to discuss the logistical importance of their location. The village Chief and the elders are worried that the NVA will soon lose patience with their position of non-committal and will act drastically.

Local ARVN officers and Province governors have turned a blind eye to the plight of Doc Lap.

US Presence
Firebase Betsy was overrun. NVA forces were able to breach the fortifications and destroy any remaining gun emplacements. The evacuated villagers of Doc Lap have built up a thriving hamlet in its place. Firebase Betsy II was built near the old site of Doc Lap, with a stronger defensive perimeter and a better overall view of the hostile jungle.

Getting Involved
US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam and the People's Army of Viet Nam are looking for hardworking and dedicated troops to fill in available positions. Here you will be able to join the force of your choosing. Good luck.

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