May 16, 2020
Check-in 08:00
Endex 20:00
Range 14, Cookstown Browns Mills Rd #9060. Fort Dix, NJ
40.00115, -74.545664
18T WK 38781 27983

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The Scene
May Offensive is a fully immersive single day Vietnam Airsoft operation. The event is perfect for cherries or guys that want to try "the other side". A fun and exciting day that should not be missed.

Combat Base Jack Lucas is under siege by North Vietnamese forces. The May Offensive is raging and PAVN forces are flooding into South Vietnam. The Marines of the 2/1 aboard CB Jack Lucas are tasked with breaking the siege and finding the local spur of the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.

What To Expect
Players can expect to find a level of immersion not usually present in 1-Day events. Dedication to character and a willingness to explore the Vietnam War will only help enhance the game for everyone involved. Expect to find a structured military style environment surrounded by the chaos of guerrilla warfare.

Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced to help further the immersion of the scenario. The "10 Foot Rule" will be used to determine if questionable uniforms and equipment are "good enough".

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV / USGI)
OD green or Vietnam era camouflage uniforms. No M81 Woodland or newer. If in doubt, ask us.

People's Army of Viet Nam (PAVN / NVA / VC)
Solid tan or black shirts and trousers. Black should be reserved for those portraying the guerrilla Viet Cong forces. No desert or modern tan based patterns

Equipment Guidelines
  • M56 load bearing suspenders, belt and pouches
  • M14, M16A1 and XM177e2 rifles; M60 and Stoner machine guns
Good Enough:
  • M16A2/A3, M4A1 rifles (no accessories or optics)
  • Modern plate carriers, vests or chest rigs
  • SCAR, Masada, G36, M27 or HK rifles; M240/M249 machine guns
  • Chicom AK47 chest rig
  • AK47, AKM and AKMS rifles; German WW2 rifles
Good Enough:
  • AK74 or "captured" MACV acceptable rifles
  • Modern plate carriers, vests or chest rigs
  • SCAR, Masada, G36, M27 or HK rifles; M240/M249 machine guns

Game Play
May Offensive is in essence a full immersion Force On Force event. MACV troops will use Combat Base Jack Lucas as a staging area, Command Post and in-game respawn. PAVN troops will use their jungle encampment for the same purposes. A "respawn point" will be established in both camps to facilitate troops re-entering the game. Both bases are in play, even with a respawn point present.

Players will be expected to act out their wounds and continue on accordingly. To facilitate this, everyone will be issued a "Casualty Card" by a team medic. Each card has three potential outcomes:
  • Medical Assistance
  • Killed In Action
After taking a hit, players will pull the card out and act out the highlighted option. Everyone is encouraged to bring some form of bandage. A hit player can not receive aid without a bandage. A second hit after receiving aid is considered a KIA, and the player must respawn.

Both groups will find Intelligence Reports in the camps. Platoon and cell leaders will be required to interpret the intelligence and plan missions accordingly. At the top of each hour, leaders may open a new Intelligence Report.

Groups will be required to form up squads or cells to complete each mission. Squad radios will be provided for MACV forces. PAVN forces generally operate without comms. Force leaders will be required to carry a spare personal radio on the "command" net for event announcements.

Expect the unexpected and explore a different side of milsim airsoft. Firebase Wild West is only as good as the players make it. The immersion factor can create a different mindset for players not familiar with the style of play.

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