Anchor & Star Airsoft is committed to providing full immersion airsoft events. We specialize in Cold War era historical scenarios, focusing on the Vietnam and other conflicts around the world. Our aim is to provide an event that allows the players to fully develop characters and "walk the walk" with their fellow brothers-in-arms.

The Anchor & Star Vietnam Series takes place during the height of the war, 1968 through 1969. Players will be immersed in life around a U.S. firebase or outpost. Players can participate as a soldier in the Peoples Army of Viet Nam or a member of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

Getting Started - This section will help the new or experienced player with the assembly of their neccessary equipment for Indian Country.

The Library - A collection of technical manuals, Osprey publications, and Anchor & Star event specific guides and documents.

The Modern Warfare Series contains scenarios that are not directly tied to Cold War events, but are inspired by real life situations and battles around the globe.

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