So you're off to Vietnam...

Here you will find required and suggested equipment items for your Vietnam impression.

US Rifleman - The iconic "Grunt" of the war. This is the bare minimum one would need to portray a standard Infantryman.
  • M16 or M16A1 rifle
  • Vietnam style "shorty" magazines
  • OD green Jungle fatigues. Rothco makes an acceptable set called Vintage Vietnam
  • OD green boonie hat. Rothco's Vietnam repro fits the bill
  • Vietnam style Jungle boots
  • M56 Web Gear. Ebay is the best place to find the pieces
    • "H" suspenders
    • Pistol/Cartridge belt
    • Universal ammunition pouches. Minimum of 2
    • Canvas canteen covers. Minimum of 2
    • Plastic US style, 1Qt canteens
  • Wool boot socks. Your feet will thank you
  • "C Rations" and a mess kit. You gotta eat

These are some optional, but suggested items to fill out that Grunt look
  • M1 steel pot helmet
  • M3 magazine bandoleer
  • OD green rubberized poncho
  • Poncho liner. The famous "woobie" for those cold Vietnam nights
  • Angle head, MX991 flashlight
US Special Forces
  • M16, XM177E2 or specialty rifle
  • ERDL or Vietnam era tigerstripe camouflage fatigues
  • Camouflage boonie hat
  • M56 web gear with specialty pouches and modifications
  • Mission critical items like compasses, face paint, grenades and period correct night vision
North Vietnamese Forces
ALL Vietnamese players require the following
  • Jungle hammock. You need somewhere to sleep
  • Sleeping bag or wool blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Food. Period correct is nice, but staying fed is important
Peoples Army of Viet Nam (PAVN / NVA)
  • AK47 rifle. The iconic Communist weapon
  • Tan/Khaki work pants and shirt. Dickies are a great substitute here
  • Tan boonie hat or NVA pith helmet. Ebay and even Amazon have these items cheap
  • Palladium style boots. Any sturdy boots will do in a pinch
  • "Chicom" AK chest rig. Often called the "Type-56" rig, easily found on Ebay
  • Chinese style canteen on a sling or pouch. A US canteen is fine, hydration is key
National Liberation Front (Viet Cong)
  • AK47 rifle
  • Black "pajamas". Hospital scrub pants and Dickies work shirt are great base uniforms
  • Tan or black boonie hat
  • Kam Ranh "VC" scarf. a long, colored bandana or silk scarf will work here
  • "Chicom" AK chest rig
  • Chinese style canteen on a sling or pouch